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Understanding the series results tables

The race results tables (linked above) show the current results and positions for each series. These are provisional results and may be subject to change until the final results are published.

The rows of the table are ordered by the competitor's position in the series as shown in the leftmost column. The individual race results are shown in the columns marked with the date and race number (e.g. 01/01/2021 - 1).

A low point scoring system is used. Points are awarded based on finishing positions (e.g. 1st -> 1 point, 2nd -> 2 points ...). A competitor who retires has points calculated as the number of boats in the race + 1 (represented by RTD in the series tables). A competitor who does not enter into a race has points calculated as the number of the boats in the series + 1 (not shown in the series table - corresponding cell is left blank).

In any particular series there will be a percentage of races to count, meaning that a competitor will have to sail at least that amount of races in order to qualify for the series. This percentage is shown at the bottom of the table. Competitors who have not qualified will have DNQ next to their score. 

To calculate the score, the best results for each competitor are chosen to satify the amount needed to qualify. For example, if a competitor has sailed 6 races with the positions 1st; 4th; 4th; 3rd; 5th; 2nd, and 50% (3 results) are needed to qualify, then the best 3 results (1st; 2nd; 3rd) are chosen and added together to give a score of 6. Any surplus results are discarded and are not used to calculate the position unless more than one competitor has the same score, in this case, the competitor with the best discarded result will be positioned above (shown in the best discard column).

Note that there may be multiple entries for one competitor in each series if they sail in different classes of boat. Where a helm chooses to sail different classes in the same series, a new entry will be created for each class and the results of these will not be combined.